Get Involved In Greatness

Every year, we welcome the first year residents to the University and into the Complex culture at our first building and floor meetings. This year I challenged them to “Get Involved In Greatness”. I explained what that means and gave them three tips on how to best do that. (1. Try something new, 2. Learn from your mistakes, 3. Participate).

To reiterate that message, I designed this poster to go up a week or so after that meeting and included our complex mascot (the mustached dingo).

With this, we are starting our core message of “Get Involved in Greatness”. Simply put, that means  finding your talents, matching them with opportunities for involvement and then making something great happen. We are carrying this theme throughout the year and will unveil various marketing methods to keep this at the forefront of our residents minds.

This poster was inspired by those somewhat cheesy inspirational posters and is aimed at creating a memorable message. The feeling with this is a bit cheesy and ridiculous, but stands out and gets the message on their mind while tying in our unofficial complex mascot.

This poster was designed using Phoster (for the iPad) and Photoshop CS5.



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