Staff Norming Activity


These four pictures are of Worldes ( that I made from an activity we did at our first complex staff meeting.

I asked each of the RAs (21) to list out on post-it notes as many answers as they could think of for 4 different questions. The questions were listed on large posters along the wall. If they agreed with someone’s answer they could leave a check-mark on their post-it. The four questions were:

1. What do we fear?

2. What do we want to learn?

3. What skills do we bring?

4. By the end of the year, what words do we want to describe our resident’s experiences?

The answers were astounding! The larger the word, the more often it was given. We have done a few of these activities involving posters and post-it notes to provide us with a visual to process group norms and values with. The staff have been very receptive, excited to participate and enjoy the visuals afterwards. The only editing I needed to do was in the Fears worlde. Originally, the Phillie’s losing the world series was so big that it was difficult to see anything else. After we removed that from our list of fears, it became easier to see all of them. I had no idea before this activity how many Phillie’s fans I had on staff!

From here we will use these to set some group goals and write a staff mission statement as well as define success for us as a staff in terms of our student’s experience.


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