What is an RA candidate to do?

Our RA Interview process includes an exciting and full weekend of interviewing all of the candidates and then we invite specific people we want to see more of to our complex group processes.

The Complex group process is more about working as a team and getting a feel for the RA position. We have a brief introduction to the RA position. We have a number of activities that gets them thinking about the position.

The following document is an activity that I put together for the Complex group process for all First Year residence halls. The purpose is to get them talking in their small group of candidates and to get a glimpse of where their priorities for the position currently are.

In this activity they are already in small groups, having just discussed their FY of college and reflected on a video. Each group receives an envelope with about 15 different possible components to a floor meeting written down. They are asked to unanimously decide on which three they will include. While we do have more than three things during our first floor meetings, they are asked to choose the three things they would choose if they needed to boil it down to just three.

What we got from this exercise was increased participation from candidates, a discussion so lively that we ourselves wanted to join, and some great ideas on what we can do to improve our first floor meetings.

What helped was that groups were forced to choose their top three components and could only include three. We wanted people to discuss things, advocate for what they felt was important and then come to a consensus as a group.

Overall this was a huge success and one that we will tweak in terms of components, but one that I will continue using.


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