Complex Coordinator Training & On-Boarding

When I started, we did not have anything in place for Professional Staff training. It was a learn as you have to do it process. When we hired two new Complex Coordinators I created this training/on-boarding complete with a binder of materials and notes sheets. In binder format it was separated by each week with the outline for that week appearing at the front of that section.

View the outline here: cc-training-outline-2014


Who Am I At Work Slide

Our Professional Staff creates “Who Am I At Work?” slides as a part of our team building at the beginning of each year. I created this guide to provide some prompts for staff. They did not need to answer all of these prompts, only the ones that they considered more important to understanding their tendencies and patterns in the workplace. This activity was not meant to serve as an excuse for behavior, rather a starting point towards deeper understanding.

Check out the guide here: who-am-i-at-work-guide

Residential Life Marketing

At all new student events we have a table with a tri-fold style board. Our previous posters for this board were very text heavy and cut-and-pasted directly from our website. We wanted something more appealing and dynamic. I wrote the text and designed the layout and background image using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Campus Ambassador Training

I have been responsible for representing Residential Life in the Campus Ambassador Training for the past 3 years. Campus Ambassadors give tours and work with perspective students. While they do not give tours of the residence halls, they do give tours of the rest of campus and field a lot of housing questions. Previously we did not have any handouts and this was what I put together to give them a snapshot of what Residential Life is about. The training was 10 minutes long and so handouts were important for long-term retention of information. During my 10 minutes I focused more on sharing a story, getting them to reflect on their own on-campus experiences and talking about how we should be answering the questions that are asked as well as the ones they may not think to ask that get at the true experience of living on campus.

Amabassador Training 2015

Assessment Workshop Parts 1 & 2

Over Winter Break we had two assessment workshops that I designed and lead. The outlines are included here: Assessment Workshop Part 2 Assessment Workshop Part 1

The purpose of these workshops were to get us all on the same page in terms of assessment, increase comfort with assessment methods and get each person started on a project. These will be completed as we move forward and I am meeting with each person individually to discuss their project.

Resident Assistant Recruitment

Our theme for Resident Assistant (RA) selection was “See yourself in the RA Position”. As a part of the overall marketing we had a large easel sized poster that I designed using a silhouette of our Mascot: BIG RA Poster

We had 4 different smaller posters with current RAs photos and information that were posted on residence hall floors. I have included 2 of the flyers here. I took the photos, edited them and designed the flyers: Paige Collin

Lastly we had each staff member hand out small cards with personalized messages to potential candidates. I designed the cards to fit our overall marketing theme and made 2 different fronts with different silhouettes. RA Selection Card Back 2014 RA Selection Card FRONT AAA 2014 RA Selection Card FRONT BBB 2014

Corky’s Cribs

This was a poster I designed for a room contest that we had in 2012. I designed the logo as well using Adobe Photoshop. The prize for students was $500 off of housing for the next academic year. We had used our Departmental Facebook Page to have residents post their Cribs Big Postervideos and then vote for the finalists. The winners were then chosen by professional Staff from the top finalists.

Education Residential Learning Community Curriculum

This was the first version of the curriculum for the Educational RLC that was piloted in both a First Year and an Upper-Class area. I developed this in conjuncture with The Teachers College to compliment their learning goals. The curriculum was used by Resident Assistants and consisted of monthly themes and programs. This was done largely instead of the Community Development Model but left flexibility for additional programming and support of Complex-Wide programs. We are currently in the second year of this RLC and are making plans for the third year.Check out the Education RLC Curriculum.