Complex Coordinator Training & On-Boarding

When I started, we did not have anything in place for Professional Staff training. It was a learn as you have to do it process. When we hired two new Complex Coordinators I created this training/on-boarding complete with a binder of materials and notes sheets. In binder format it was separated by each week with the outline for that week appearing at the front of that section.

View the outline here: cc-training-outline-2014


Who Am I At Work Slide

Our Professional Staff creates “Who Am I At Work?” slides as a part of our team building at the beginning of each year. I created this guide to provide some prompts for staff. They did not need to answer all of these prompts, only the ones that they considered more important to understanding their tendencies and patterns in the workplace. This activity was not meant to serve as an excuse for behavior, rather a starting point towards deeper understanding.

Check out the guide here: who-am-i-at-work-guide